Leadership Development Program - Frequently Asked Questions



1. Why do we need a leadership development program designed specifically for Asian and Pacific Islander (API) employees?

With 25 years experience working with API professionals, LEAP finds that many are 1st or 2nd generation corporate employees who lack the awareness and/or understanding of the written and unwritten "rules of success" in their companies. At the same time, a number of common misperceptions about APIs may limit their advancement in the organization. These include:

  • APIs are satisfied with focusing on technical work and thus not interested in becoming managers
  • APIs are not "leadership or management material" - they lack the interest or skills to be good leaders or managers
  • APIs are a "model minority" and therefore already successful. They don't need help

As a consequence, many API employees are overlooked or miss out on growth opportunities. The results are an underutilization of a company's API talent and costly turnovers.

The LEAP Leadership Development Program offers API professionals the opportunity to understand the "rules of success" and to develop the self-confidence and tools to take action and determine their own path to career success.


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2. What makes this program different from other programs?

Consistent with its philosophy that individuals can retain their own culture, identity and values while developing skills appropriate for success in a diverse, mainstream business environment, the Leadership Development Program helps participants understand differences between Asian and mainstream American business culture and helps them bridge the gap while retaining their Asian values. To that end, LEAP's unique leadership development program has been designed for Asian and Pacific Islander professionals with program topics approached from an API cultural lens or perspective.

LEAP a recognized leader with over 20 years of experience in leadership development training has developed a track record of working successfully with companies such as IBM, Raytheon, PricewaterhouseCoopers, United Technologies Corporation, Merck and Pepsico to develop their API employees into more effective leaders in their organizations.


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3. What are the results or benefits of this program?

In our increasingly global and competitive marketplace, successful businesses understand the needs of their diverse customers and effectively retain a highly innovative and productive workforce. This is especially critical in today's economic environment.

Benefits to the employee:

  • Rare opportunity for a tailored learning environment which focuses on API professional and leadership development from a culturally relevant and culturally sensitive perspective
  • Knowledge of characteristics to become a successful leader in a diverse, mainstream business environment
  • Increased recognition of API cultural values that can help or hinder success in a mainstream business environment
  • Understanding and development of skills needed to help API employee overcome these barriers

Benefits to the company:

  • Focused, motivated and productive API employees who are satisfied and loyal to the company
  • Greater productivity and innovation within your enterprise, translating into greater profits
  • Demonstrated commitment to leadership development and diversity, creating an attractive and desirable corporate image for potential clients and employees
  • Motivational tool for your top employees

Leveraging every organizational asset contributing to your financial bottom line is important at any time of the economic cycle. It is especially critical in this economic environment. This includes tapping the potential of all of your employees. LEAP provides smart corporations with a means to unleash and nourish the full potential of their API talent.


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4. Who should attend?

Asian and Pacific Islander employees in leadership, management, and/or project management positions at any level of the corporate structure.


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5. If we offer a program for API employees, don't we have to offer one for other ethnic groups?

This is an organizational decision that should reflect your company's focus and commitment to leadership development and diversity within your organization. However, LEAP supports efforts to build awareness of leadership challenges among all groups and encourages your organizations to include LEAP as part of its portfolio of leadership training programs and corporate commitment to diversity. As LEAP's expertise and mission is focused on developing API leadership, we currently do not offer programs that cover other ethnic groups but we do work with several diverse consultants and organizations who could develop something tailored to your company's needs.


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6. Who has worked with LEAP?

With 27 years of experience, has a client list of over 600 nonprofit and student organizations; federal, state and local government agencies; colleges and universities; and Fortune 1000 companies. Click here to view our client list.


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7. Is it possible to customize the Leadership Development Program just for our company?

Yes, there is a range of customization options that your company can consider. Please contact us and we would be happy to work with you to customize a training program to meet your specific needs and situation.


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8. I'm interested in LEAP and its leadership work, but do you have any alternatives to the LDP program?

Yes, LEAP has a wide range of leadership development programs and workshop modules that could be delivered or customized at any location, on-site or off-site throughout the year.


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