Leadership In Action (LIA) Alumni Experience

To learn more about our past interns' experience, visit their summer blogs. You can also find more information on their community impact projects below.

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2017 LIA Alumni / Nonprofit Organization Placement


Left to Right: Josh Jiang, Sue Abdurahman, Angela Yip, Lena Pham, Alison Choi, Kevin Hang, Isa Sasi

Below is a list of the 2017 LIA interns and nonprofit organization placements:

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2016 LIA Alumni / Nonprofit Organization Placement


Left to Right (top): Angie Tran, Ryan Huynh, Tony Tang, Danny Yang
Left to Right (bottom): Aian Hurtado-Doppenberg, Sharayne "Ray-Ray" Tuala, Dee Pha 

Below is a list of the 2016 LIA interns, their CBO placement, and their summer experience blogs:


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2015 LIA Alumni / Nonprofit Organization Placement


Left to Right (top): Johnson Nguyen, Andrew Hua, Carl "Gio" Viray, and Maikoau Vang
Left to Right (bottom): Trisha Hongcharti, Ronia Auelua, Jimmy Tang, Avalon Igawa and Nathan Lee


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2014 LIA Alumni / Nonprofit Organization Placement


Left to Right (top): Maggie Quan, Kenny Ung, Tonga Fakalata, Steve Marsiglia, Paul Nguyen
Left to Right (bottom): Anna Courchaine, Julie Mac (front center), Shaomay Vong, Mayta Lor, Chan Naing


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2013 LIA Alumni / Nonprofit Organization Placement


Left to Right: Thanh Nguyen, Art Li, Linh Chuong, Keshav Tyagi, Deborah Hwang, Diana Pereda, and Kim Navoa


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2012 LIA Alumni / Nonprofit Organization Placement


Left to Right: Monique Matautia, Faye Wang, Veronica Thao, Tevita Folau, Kyle Tsukahira


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2011 LIA Alumni / Nonprofit Organization Placement


Left to Right: Ethan Nguyen, Sasha Wijeyeratne, Kelly Nguyen, Chelsey Kitazawa, Maria Vallarta, Emanuel Chan, Kat Kouot, Melissa Bautista


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2010 LIA Alumni / Nonprofit Organization Placement


Left to Right: AJ Lee, Monique Chhoeun, Honorable John Chaing, Lance Kanamori (back), Kelley Lowe, Katie Lebioda, Amaris Leiataua, Lina Chung, and Rhommel Canare

  • Rhommel Canare (UCLA) / TCSC / aznfalconeyes.blogspot.com/
  • Monique Chhoeun (Cal State, Long Beach) / Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA)
  • Lina Chung (UCLA) / LEAP
  • Lance Kanamori (Cerritos College) / SIPA / imasleepypanda.blogspot.com/
  • Katherine (Katie) Lebioda (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) / Screen Actors Guild (SAG) / radianteagle.blogspot.com/
  • Albert (AJ) Lee (UCLA) / API Equality – Los Angeles / authenticcow.blogspot.com/
  • Amaris Leiataua (UC Berkeley) / EPIC
  • Kelley Lowe (USC) / Korean Resource Center (KRC)


Community Impact Projects

2016 Group Project 

This year’s cohort created two projects:  a promotional video that shared the impact of the LIA program (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq5xnvJ85ZU)and a self-published magazine with articles and artwork about being minorities within a minority.  The magazine is being shared with college age youth around California, Minnesota, and Oklahoma.  

Download the Zine here.

2015 Group Project 

The 2015 LIA group project consisted of two related parts.

1. An API timeline workshop toolkit.

The LIA interns created an interactive API Timeline Toolkit to provide future leaders and community members to use as a resource to educate, create cross-cultural bonds, and honor API history and heritage. To view their API Timeline toolkit, visit: bit.ly/API_timeline.

2. A workshop on API history.

In partnership with the Student Coalition for Asian Pacific Empowerment (SCAPE) at the University of Southern California, the LIA interns were able to deliver a workshop to 25 college students as part of a test run and receive feedback for improvement. The workshop allowed participants to share personal API history through the interactive API history timeline.


2014 Group Project

The 2014 LIA group project consisted of two related components.  

1. A webisode series.  

The prompt for the webisodes was: "Create a video for your younger self.  What do you know now that you wish you knew then?"  These videos will be released early in 2015.  

2. A workshop for high school students.  

In partnership with Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, the LIA interns delivered a workshop to 15 high school youth where they shared information about applying for college, what to expect when at college, and how to look for scholarships and financial aid.  The interns also shared a trailer for their webisode series, which touched upon topics that would resonate with the students.

Below is the trailer for their webisode series:


2013 Group Project

The 2013 Group Project was a photo exhibition documenting the stories of different members in the API community. Each photograph featured a direct quote about each individual’s immigration story. The exhibit was seen by over 150 people. Audience members were encouraged to post their own immigration stories onto the exhibit. These photographs were show in Thai Town and LIttle Tokyo, Los Angeles.


2012 Group Project

For their group project, the 2012 Leadership In Action Interns created the following short film entitled Three Letters.Three Letters is a short film which was created to empower the Asian and Pacific Islander community by addressing API self-identity. This short film aims to inspire API people to care about/ become more involved in their communities, come together to fight for social justice, and combat invisibility and marginalization in American mainstream society and discourse.


2011 Group Project

Model My voice

Vision:  Providing a collective space for our API communities to express our identities and explore OURstories in order to raise awareness about issues affecting our communities from the past, through the present and to the future.


2010 Group Project

Locating APA Today
Shifting borders. People in motion. Everyday experiences. What do these mean? How are they remembered? Locating Asian Pacific America Today is a Web 2.0 project created by and for Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) to preserve and share our experiences and histories.

In Summer 2010, the LEAP Leadership in Action internship program expanded upon an existing APA oral history collection (www.leap.org/internship) to create an ongoing repository of stories and histories as captured through art. Members of the APA community were invited to submit artwork in response to a single prompt: “What does your API identity mean to you?”


2009 Group Project

Locating Ourselves in History (LOIH):  An Asian American Oral History Project  /  http://www.locateyourself.net

The LOIH project is a unique online platform that allows Asian Pacific Islander Americans to share their personal stories and place them within a larger framework of Asian Pacific Islander American history.


2005 Group Project

The Handoff Book:   A Strategy Guide for API Leaders