LEAP Volunteer Leadership Blogs

In order to create a more interactive online space, LEAP is proudly launching the LEAP Volunteer Leadership Blogs.

This blog will contain content created by the volunteers and interns at LEAP that are interested in sharing their perspectives on Asian and Pacific Islander leadership. 

This year is LEAP's first year ever to launch an API leadership blog geared towards preparing leaders to meet the challenges ahead in their respective fields. This blog is meant to serve as an open space for community members to share their experience, ideas, and knowledge on what being an API leader entails. These blogs will speak to anyone interested in improving their leadership skills, expanding their network, and enriching their views on API leadership across sectors at all levels. Contributors will include LEAP program alumni, interns, and community leaders.

LEAP will also engage established professionals in an effort to further cultivate aspiring leaders through active discussion and participation. Entries will cover various subjects and themes, including business, higher education, non-profit, military, holistic work-life balance, public policy, international relations, civil rights, politics and law, community engagement, and many more.

If you are interested in writing a blog for LEAP or make suggestions on topics you would like to see covered, feel free to contact Mayta Lor at mlor@leap.org.


We look forward to hearing your stories! 

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