LEAP Public Policy Reports


In 1992, LEAP created the Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute (PPI) to establish a critical presence in the public policy arena. Since its inception, it has been committed to raising public awareness of the status of APIs through the publication and distribution of 11 major policy reports:

    • The State of Asia Pacific America: Policy Issues to the Year 2020
    • The State of Asia Pacific America: Economic Diversity, Issues and Policies
    • The State of Asia Pacific America: Reframing the Immigration Debate
    • The State of Asia Pacific America: Transforming Race Relations
    • The State of Asia Pacific America: Trajectory of Civic and Political Engagement
    • Beyond Asian American Poverty
    • Common Ground: Perspectives on Affirmative Action and its Impact on Asian Pacific Americans
    • Dollars & Sense: Policies for Growing Asian Pacific Islander Small Business
    • In support of Civil Rights: Taking on the Initiative
    • Lessons of Parcel C: Reflections on Community Lawyering
    • Reapportionment and Redistricting in Los Angeles: Implications for Asian Pacific Americans

Through these reports, the PPI challenges policy makers to address the needs and concerns of APIs in the United States. Through regional roundtable discussions, PPI also involved local communities in the policy decision-making.

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