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LEAP Exceed

The Executive Leadership Program

Spanning a 9-12 month period, the goal of LEAP Exceed: The Executive Leadership Program is to increase the number of Asian and Pacific Islanders in executive management in Fortune 1000 corporations. Anchored in the belief that for leadership skill development to happen, it requires ongoing, reinforced activities to promote behavioral change.

Career progression within one year.

Within the first year of this program, 33% of participants experienced recognized career progression (lateral and upward) and were asked to lead high visible projects outside their perceived area of expertise!



For inquiries, please contact ELEDY VARGAS, PROGRAM COORDINATOR
(213) 485-1422 x4118 or Click below.

To ensure success of the program:

  • Must have support from leadership—Senior Leadership Team, business leaders and Asian BRG/ERG executive sponsors.

  • HR, Talent Development, and Diversity and Inclusion sponsorship to ensure an enterprise-wide level of quality and consistency.

  • Senior executive leadership participation throughout the program including Business Leadership Challenge presentations and  graduation activities.

  • Recommended for a maximum of 30 participants.

They have gotten such an amount of self-confidence and self-awareness. And they can give you examples, which I am always amazed by, when they went back to the office, to try things and talk to people.

- HR Vice President


Program Highlights

  • Individual reflective activities in and outside the workshop setting.

  • Group learning in and out of the program with prescribed activities and lessons.

  • Live, in-person experiential learning incorporating leading practices (simulation, case study, role plays, etc.) for learning designed to connect with all types of learners (visual, verbal, kinesthetic).

  • Meaningful projects that address personal leadership goals while directly linking to the business.

  • Personalized, focused coaching with a certified coach aware of Asian or Pacific Islander needs.

Key Benefits

  • Potential placement on a high potential or executive succession planning “list” with a pathway to influential leadership positions.

  • Access to new opportunities and adoption of broader responsibilities.

  • Greater visibility with senior executives across the enterprise.

  • Increased career acceleration and mobility.

The curriculum is designed to build sequentially from one Leadership dimension to the next, reinforcing the interconnectedness between self, others, and organizational influences. The entire program is anchored on LEAP’s Leadership Framework and based on Asian and Pacific Islander cultural values.


Program Pillars

Level Setting

Leadership interviews and focus groups help us gain a deeper understanding of the company to provide a customized experience.


Three or four live, in-person sessions. Each lasting two days comprised of experiential learning, networking activities, and engagement with executive leadership.


Each person receives individualized coaching with a certified executive coach. Group Business Leadership Challenges reinforce key concepts and culminates in a final presentation to senior leadership.


Impact measurement evaluations are collected throughout the duration of the program—participant reflective surveys, coach observations, and other inputs from the organization.

By being in this environment I can see that I have the ability to build upon these skills and develop strengths, and I can try certain techniques here and there to see what does or does not work.
— Program Participant

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