Reflections on the 2018-2019 LEAP Impact Program

Part 3 of LEAP Impact: Leadership Development for Nonprofit Staff took place from March 19 to 21, 2019 in New York, NY. During Part 3 of the program, the class discussed topics like branding, storytelling, public speaking, change management, and coalition building. The class also had a conversation with Kim Delevett, Community Affairs & Grassroots Regional Leader at Southwest Airlines, about their experiences and learnings from the program.

The program officially concluded on March 21, 2019. The Impact class, facilitators, coaches, trainers, funders, and LEAP friends celebrated the end of the program with a Graduation Dinner and Ceremony at China Blue. LEAP President & CEO Linda Akutagawa kicked off the dinner with a talk to the class on the importance of the program and space for API nonprofit leaders. During the dinner, three class participants shared personal stories about the importance of the program with the graduation guests. Each participant was then presented with a plaque for completion of the program.


LEAP Impact, Class of 2018-2019

March 21, 2019 at China Blue in NYC


Testimonials from our LEAP Impact class of 2018-2019


“I do feel...part of a lifelong community of LEAP alumni and am excited to continue to engage, support and give back. Beyond the personal leadership and growth tools and coaching I have received, the biggest thing I got out of it is feeling a part of a progressive pan-Asian community. I didn't realize the comfort and support I would feel in a space that is designed for and by AAPI and am grateful to have met such wonderful folks both at LEAP and through the cohort... As non-profit staff we are often in service of others and it was very nice to be a place where we were cared for and invested in.”

“I feel that LEAP has empowered me to be aware of my value to the organization and what I deserve in coordination with that. It’s provided me with resources to verbalize concerns and ideas I wasn’t comfortable going to my ED with before. It’s also provided me with a community to seek advice and support from, which is arguably the most important and difficult part to find.”

“Part 3 of the LEAP program was instrumental in developing my identity and abilities as a leader. I have more clarity and tools for driving change and progress in the nonprofit/education sector. I look forward to keeping in touch with my cohort and continuing to grow as a leader!”

“As a leader, I know that I'm constantly learning and wanting to be better. LEAP provides a space that you can unplug from the day to day and actually do that. Your work is valuable & appreciated!"

“I really value the dedicated API space - having leaders from all sectors with a variety of expertise but with the shared API identity... I wish an opportunity like this could be extended to many more leaders.”


About LEAP Impact

Formerly known as the Emerging Leaders Program, LEAP Impact: Leadership Development for Nonprofit Staff is a three-part, six-month program designed to develop Asian and Pacific Islander staff for future and current leadership and management roles in nonprofit organizations and increase the retention of those committed to working in the nonprofit sector.


Special thanks to the sponsors of the LEAP Impact Program


Southwest Airlines is the official airlines of LEAP Impact