LEAP has numerous sponsorship opportunities for organizations and individuals who are interested in supporting its mission of “growing leaders.”

LEAP Annual Contributor

In 2010, LEAP established a special partnership opportunity for companies interested in supporting and expanding the impact of LEAP’s leadership work and visibly demonstrating their commitment to, and inclusion of, Asian and Pacific Islanders (APIs) in their diversity efforts. As organizations seek to create shareholder value, participation as a LEAP Annual Contributor will enhance employee engagement, increase visibility as an employer of choice for highly talented APIs, and showcase a company’s support of the API community.  These sponsorships start at $10,000.

Leadership Awards Gala

LEAP’s annual Leadership Awards Gala will be held on Thursday, July 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. This event brings together over 400 influential API leaders, government officials, corporate executives at the local, state and national levels to celebrate the leadership and accomplishments of individuals and organizations that exemplify LEAP’s mission to achieve full participation and equality for APIs through leadership, empowerment, and policy.  Table sponsorships start at $2,500.

LEAP Community Programs*

LEAP believes successful leaders are grounded in strong, vibrant communities. Through comprehensive leadership training and organizational development programs and workshops, LEAP promotes the cultivation of new community leaders, strengthens the effectiveness of existing community-based organizations and establishes a supportive network for mutual assistance, resource sharing, and collaborative problem solving.

Leadership Research*

Sponsors may provide sponsorship support for LEAP’s leadership research to evaluate API representation at the highest levels of the American workplace in corporations, foundations, nonprofits, and higher education. This baseline research will be used to measure API representation in leadership roles.


*Please note: Program and Leadership Research sponsorships can be customized.


View the 2016 LEAP Sponsorship Packet for All Opportunities