2011 API Representation on the Top 100 Non-Profit Boards


According to LEAP’s 2011 API Representation on the Top 100 Nonprofit Boards, just 47 of the top 100 nonprofits have API representation on their boards.


As part of our long-term strategy on research of API representation in top leadership roles, the 2011 API Representation on the Top 100 Nonprofit Boards marks the fourth in a series of reports evaluating the inclusion of APIs at the highest leadership levels (Boards of  Directors) in the corporate, foundation, nonprofit and education sectors.

In order to define the top 100 nonprofits, LEAP chose to focus its research on the largest U.S. nonprofits as ranked by The NonProfit Times on their most recent listing “The NPT 2010 Top 100” in the publication’s November 1, 2010 issue. To be included on the list, an organization must raise at least 10 percent of income from individual gifts. The revenue of these 100 nonprofits totaled $64.78 billion and ranged from just over $151 million for the smallest organization to over $5.8 billion for the largest nonprofit.


  • Just 47 of the top 100 nonprofits have API* representation on their boards.
  • Seventy-five APIs hold 78 board seats at the top 100 nonprofits.
  • The 78 board seats represent 2.55% of the total 3,061 board seats in the top 100 nonprofits.
  • No APIs head a nonprofit in the role of executive director, president and/or CEO.
  • Two API directors serve as chair of a top 100 nonprofit board: Rajive Johri and Immanuel Thangaraj.
  • Twenty-four (32%) out of the 75 API directors are women.
  • The ethnic breakdown of these API directors is as follows: Chinese (24), Asian Indian (22), Japanese (13), Korean (7), Filipino (4), Vietnamese (2), Indonesian (1), Malaysian (1) and Pakistani (1).
  • Two API directors sit on more than one Top 100 nonprofit boards: John C. Liu (3) and Dinakar Singh (2).
  • Two of the top 100 nonprofits have four API directors on their boards: Metropolitan Museum of Art and Special Olympics.
  • Four of the top 100 nonprofits have three API directors on their boards: The Nature Conservancy, New York Public Library, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Scholarship America.
  • Twelve of the top 100 nonprofits have two API directors on their boards: Catholic Charities of the USA, United Way, Habitat for Humanity International, Boy Scouts of America, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Girl Scouts USA, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Public Broadcasting Service, MAP International, International Rescue Committee, American Diabetes Association and Wild Conservation Society.
  • Rotary Foundation of Rotary International has six Asian directors on their board. However, all six are foreign nationals.

LEAP made every effort to achieve a high degree of accuracy. Information on race, ethnicity and gender composition of board members is not always publicly available. If errors or omissions are discovered, LEAP will make necessary adjustments. Please contact Grace Toy, Sr. Vice President of Administration and CFO, at gtoy@leap.org.