2012 API Representation on the Top 100 Foundation Boards


Our report shows that despite the burgeoning population and the growing need of segments of our community for greater access to services supported by large grantmaking foundations, APIs continue to remain largely absent from foundation boards.


This report marks the seventh report in the Leadership Research Series and the second edition of research focusing on foundations. 

The top 100 foundations controlled almost one-quarter of a trillion dollars in assets, which was leveraged to support specific programs in the U.S. and abroad. Interesting to note is that 59 of the top 100 foundations are located in 9 out of the 10 states with the largest API population concentrations in the U.S.: California, New York, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, Florida, Virginia and Massachusetts. Hawaii does not have any foundations in the top 100.


  • There are 36 APIs holding 37 board seats at 24 of the top 100 foundations.
  • The 37 board seats represent 4.95% of the total 748 board seats in the top 100 foundations.
  • Twelve (33.33%) out of the 36 API directors are women.
  • No APIs head a foundation in the role of executive director, president and/or CEO.

LEAP made every effort to achieve a high degree of accuracy. Information on race, ethnicity and gender composition of board members is not always publicly available. If errors or omissions are discovered, LEAP will make necessary adjustments. Please contact Grace Toy, Sr. Vice President of Administration and CFO, at gtoy@leap.org.